BRAIN BUDDIES Peer Mentorship Program

Peer mentorship for students in Neuroscience from upper year students

Are you a 1st year or 2nd student interested in or majoring in Neuroscience? Are you curious about your future options and want to get some advice from upper year students? Undergraduate Neuroscience society can help! Brain Buddies is a program that matches the first and second year students with upper year Neuroscience students. Not only you will be mentored in Neuroscience, you can find out what it’s like to be involved in labs and learn about various extracurricular activities at Dalhousie! If you are interested in a more general science mentorship program, you can find more information about the Dalhousie Science Society mentorship program on their social media! You can also register for both!

There are sign up links below for first years (mentees) and upper (3rd+ year) students (mentors).