The Answers You Need To Make The Most Of Your Degree

It is important to remember that what is best for you after you graduate will depend on your interests and your goals. If you need a bit of help finding out exactly what is the best fit for you, check out the academic advising page for help!


What are the most important things to know if I am interested in research as a career?

If you are interested in research you should review the Honours requirements in neuroscience. Honours is often a requirement for Masters programs. It is also important to gain some experience by checking out volunteer research opportunities in neuroscience. Getting involved in a few different labs over the course of your degree can really give you a good idea of what area of research interests you! Ask a faculty academic advisor about Honours and Masters programs.

What are the most important things to know if I am interested in medicine as a career?

Building a strong and well-rounded CV is really key when applying to medicine. That can include things such as strong academics, volunteer research, joining a society, scientific outreach, etc... But it can also include things such as community involvement and work experience. The application process can be a bit tricky so meeting with a faculty advisor as early as possible is best.

What are some other options with a neuroscience degree?

As it turns out... there are plenty more options that can come out of a neuroscience degree! Too many to list here. Every year UNS hosts a "Graduate Program Expo" where many professionals from graduate programs talk about about their work and their offered programs. Click below to access a summary of last year's expo! Keep an eye on the events page for this year's expo! Send us an email or see our academic advisors for more resources related to specific career interests!

You can book a meeting with one of the student academic advisors through the "Book Academic Advising" page or click the link below to see some of our departmental faculty academic advisors.