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Journal Club

Open to everyone!

***STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ON JOURNAL CLUB MEETINGS AS WE SWITCH TO A VIRTUAL PLATFORM FOR COVID-19*** Journal club is a bi-weekly group meeting for students to read and discuss a scientific paper on neuroscientific research. The goal of journal club is to create a comfortable environment for undergrads to digest current and cutting-edge neuroscientific research in a easy-to-understand manner.

Social Events

Keep up to date on upcoming events!

***STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ON POTENTIAL VIRTUAL/DISTANCED SOCIAL EVENTS DURING COVID-19*** Whether you prefer trivia, sports, board games, or a night on the town, UNS organizes a host of social events throughout the year. Many of these events serve as fundraisers for our  charity. Why not join in on the fun for a great cause?

Research Lectures

Lectures from some of the leading researchers in the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience

***STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ON POTENTIAL VIRTUAL LECTURES DURING COVID-19*** The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience hosts many of the worlds leading researchers from across the globe to speak on their new discoveries in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. Some of these lectures even feature some of our own faculty from Dalhousie! If you have an interest in research and would like to learn how it is conducted these are great events to check out!