There are no requirements to be eligible to run for an open position apart from being an undergraduate at Dalhousie and having an interest in neuroscience. Usually around a 1 minute speech describing why you are best suited for the position is expected when running for a council position. Around a 2-3 minute speech is expected for executive positions. A short description of each position is listed below.

Year Representative

Year representatives are the main promoters of society events. They visit many of the main neuroscience classes for their respective year and announce upcoming UNS events to the classes. Their role is to bring people out to our events.

1st year rep: 0 available positions

2nd year rep: 0 available positions
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Grad rep: 0 available positions

Academic Advisor

Academic advisors provide opportunities for students in neuroscience to gain information about academic programs, professional opportunities, degree requirements, and opportunities in the department. They run events such as the honours info session and the graduate program expo. They are also available to meet with students and answer any questions about their degree.

1 available position

Promotions Director

The promotions director takes charge of all society promotions through social media or around campus. They also guide the work of the year reps to coordinate event advertising throughout classes.

0 available positions

Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Coordinator is in charge of organizing and running society fundraisers as a means of providing funds to our charity (primarily) and to maintain the society (secondarily). These could include bake sales, trivia events, social events, and more!

0 available positions

DSS Representative

The DSS representative represents UNS at meetings if the Dalhousie Science Society. They attend meetings of the DSS, vote on the society's behalf, and are a liaison between UNS and the DSS.

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Journal Club Coordinator

The journal club coordinators organize and run our monthly journal club events. They select neuroscientific papers on some of the most current and interesting topics in neuroscience and present them for discussion at journal club. Their goal is to present the research topics in a comprehensive manner for undergraduates.

1 available position

UNS/DAPS Liaison

The UNS/DAPS liaison serves as the main communicator between UNS and our main collaborators - the Dalhousie Association of Psychology Students (DAPS). They attend both UNS meetings and DAPS meetings and relay any relevant information between the two societies.

0 available positions

Clothing Representative

The clothing representatives organize clothing orders and sales for the society. This involves getting input for what types of clothing members are interested in and running a design contest for the clothing.

0 available positions

Gala Coordinator

Every year UNS and our main collaborators the Dalhousie Association of Psychology Students (DAPS) organize a charity Gala to support a charitable organization. The gala coordinators organize and run the UNS & DAPS Gala which takes place around March.

0 available position

Brain Awareness Week Coordinator

Brain Awareness Week is a worldwide event that brings information regarding neuroscientific research to the public in order to raise awareness regarding brain health. The Brain Awareness Week coordinators help the faculty organize a week of community events that aim to raise awareness for neurological health here at Dalhousie.

0 available positions

Social Events Coordinator

The social events coordinators organize fun social activities mainly geared towards students in neuroscience. Their goal is to promote a sense of community amongst undergraduates with an interest in neuroscience.

0 available positions

Neurobeer Coordinator

The neurobeer coordinator is in charge of organizing and running the bi-weekly neurobeer events. These are fun socials where students gather for a few drinks and often take part in trivia, boardgames, etc... Having your "Serve Right" certificate is a huge advantage for this position!

0 available positions

Sports Coordinator

Sports coordinators help host any UNS events that involve sports. These include UNS vs DAPS dodgeball, The Brain Triathlon, and all UNS intramural teams. 

0 available positions 


The president is responsible for the overall management of the society. They coordinate activities of the other positions, chair meetings, act as a spokesperson for the society, and represent the society within the department.

no available positions

Vice President

The Vice President supports the present and performs their duties when they are absent. They also organize and develop academic resources for students in neuroscience.

no available positions 


The treasurer is responsible for the societies finances. They prepare a budget for the society and are responsible for managing expenses and payments. They also must submit audits to the DSS twice per year.

no available positions

Communications Officer

The communications officer communicates between the executive and the elected members of the society. They are responsible for maintaining and updating the society's calendar and website. They also record minutes and meetings.

no available positions